Coming up in February, June, and October 2019, we are planning a month-long romance Readathon just for our amazing readers (including you!).

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How It Works:

At the beginning of the month, we will email you a BINGO card. Like with any BINGO, your goal is to mark out 5 squares in a row – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. (BINGO card is below!)

The way you mark off a square is to read and review a book that square describes. (The review is how we verify you read the book during the month of our Readathon.)

But be sure to leave your review so we can see it!

How to Win:

RomanceBooks.Blog will have a certain number of prizes to give away to winners of our Readathon BINGO! Let’s tell you how you can win those.

What should I read?

The goal is to read books during the month of the Readathon to fill up your BINGO card.

Level 1:

Five in a straight line – horizontal, or
Five in a straight line – vertical, or
Five in a straight line – diagonal

Level 2:

Multiple full rows/columns completed

Level 3:

Total Blackout (every box is marked off with a separate book read)

When you get 5 in a straight line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), you’ll fill out a form we’ll send you at the beginning of the month along with your BINGO card. On the form, you’ll give us some contact information and links to all your reviews so we can verify your participation. 

The first ones to finish in each category we identify will earn prizes that we’ll tell you about at the beginning of the month. We will have prizes for first to get 5 in a line, as well as a BIG prize for the first reader to get a total Blackout on their BINGO card! (That means crossing off every box.) 

Submit Your Entries!

No cheating! One book can only count for one box to cross off. 🙂

Recommended Reads!








Get excited with us! Link us to your Romance #Readathon TBR lists below in the comments!

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