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Here at RomanceBooks.Blog, it’s Wedding Season, and we’ve got Love on the Brain! Check out these highly rated, full length romance books from some amazing authors, hand-picked just for you.

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kindleunlimitedOut of Nowhere
Teresa Roman
Out of Nowhere Teresa Roman$2.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on Amazon

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it.

kindleunlimitedRunning From A Rock Star
Jami Albright
running from a rockstar - jami albright♥ $2.99Buy on Amazon

The poster-child for responsible living wakes up naked and spooning with the baddest bad boy in rock-n-roll…and surprise! They’re married.

Backwoods Belle

R.C. Martin
backwoods belle - r.c. martin♥ $2.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooksBuy on B&NBuy on Kobo

When guitar legend Ashley Hicks proposes to his small town gal, life as she knows it is never the same.

kindleunlimitedOut of Time’s Abyss Rebecca Branchout of time's abyss - rebecca branch$4.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on Amazon

He was both gay and five hundred years old, but she had to have him.

kindleunlimitedDouble Edged
Rowena Dawn double edged$2.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on Amazon

She  started online dating to humor a friend. She got adventure and a soul mate. 

kindleunlimitedKiss A Bridesmaid
Courtney Huntkiss a bridesmaid - courtney hunt♥$0.99Buy on Amazon

Can a naughty puppy play matchmaker? 

Austen’s Independence Day
Melissa BelleAusten's Independence Day$4.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooks

Morgan will do anything for the love of his life…even marry somebody else.

Conflicted Interest
Ava Starkeconflicted interest - ava starke$4.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooksBuy on B&NBuy on KoboBuy on Smashwords

Theo flies to Athens for a wedding with a plan — that is, until he meets Audrey.

Favorite Coffee, Favorite Sin
Victoria Pinderfavorite coffee favorite sin - victoria pinder♥ $3.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooksBuy on B&NBuy on Google PlayBuy on Kobo

Calliope Campbell should be the happiest girl in the world. Bad Boy Michael Marshall never wanted any woman as much as he wanted Calliope…

Perfect for Him
Suzanne JenkinsPerfect for Him$4.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooksBuy on B&NBuy on KoboBuy on Smashwords

Harley  is determined to find a wife for her husband, a mother for their daughters, before she dies. So she joins a dating service in his name.

Boss Unavowed
Nicole R. LockerBoss Unavowed - Kindle$2.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooksBuy on B&NBuy on Kobo

Some demons refuse to stay buried. Join Farren and Rogan as they fight their way to HEA.

From the First
Alexa Padgett
from the first - alexa padgett$3.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on AmazonBuy on iBooksBuy on B&NBuy on Kobo

How far would you go to save a little girl’s life?

kindleunlimitedBegin Again
Kathryn Kellybegin again - kathryn kelly♥ $2.99Buy on Amazon

Putting the past behind them, they strive to forge something new together. Can they overcome what was for what might be?

kindleunlimitedQueen of My Heart
Nikki Lynn Barrett
queen of my heart - nikki lynn barrett$3.99 ♥ $0.99Buy on Amazon

A fake marriage. A real attraction. A secret he doesn’t want anyone to know.

kindleunlimitedOceans Apart
Amanda Heartleyoceans apart - amanda heartley♥ $2.99
Buy on Amazon

He’s in London. She’s in LA. How do you hold on to love from 5000 miles apart?


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