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Find Your Next Favorite

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Chosen - Josie Litton

Happy Hour - Liz Meldon

A Michaelmas Wager emily murdoch

KINDLE - Tragedy and Desire (1)



life's second chances - anne stone

secret crush - victoria pinder



One Summer Day - LG O'Connor

soldiering on - aislinn kearns

spicy sweet fireworks - celia fay

is this me - tricia copeland


indebted - charlotte byrd

leave it all - april kelley

moving on - pavan kaur

hue, tint, and shade - jordan castillo price


her soldier - annette fields

blood of the fae - avery moon

rescued love - wm kirkland

rocket man - melanie green


extreme closeup - juliet jaret

professor trouble - soraya may

royal mistake - renna peak and ember casey


Previews we DARE you not to get hooked by!

His Lordship's Downfall - Josie Litton

Boss Unavowed - Kindle

forward - j saman

running from a rockstar - jami albright


the seventh element - rosalie lario

caught up in raine - lg o'connor

hit me - elodie colt sample

overhaul - amber burns bonus chapter


only twenty-five - jennifer mccoy blaske

beneath the inconstant moon - id johnson

undead love - lee sutherland

finn - liz meldon



tavish - jane stain



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