Book Spotlight: Amethyst of Youth by Ann M. Pratley

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Amethyst of Youth

Can she escape her family’s legacy?

The youngest member of the Stonewarden family, Charlotte, is 18 years old. As with everyone in her family when they reach that age, she’s been told that when she turns 19, she’ll be recruited into the family business. She has her warning that she has one year to do anything she wishes to do. Whatever her desire, she has 365 days to do it. On her next birthday, her life will stop being her own.

But Charlie wants nothing to do with the business. She wants a different life. Maybe if the family business was something normal, she’d feel differently. There are people who say that her family’s long term history of robbing from the rich and providing to the poor is a good thing. To her, all she can see is that they are thieves. Plain and simple.

Her view is further secured when she and her older brother are shot at. Seeing Max in a coma pushes her in her resolve to find a way to not take part in the activities of her father and brothers.

In years she’s young, but having lost her mother when she was young, Charlie has an older soul. The possibilities she’ll be presented with during her one final year of her own, will push her in her considerations of how she really wants her life to be.

She wants one thing. Her strict ex-military father wants another. How will she chose what’s right for her? What would she have to do to break free from the chains her father wants to place around her for the rest of her life?

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Also available on iBooksNook, Kobo, and Smashwords.


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