After receiving news from her parents of a possible betrothal, Alessandra, an 18 year old with an ingrained belief that no-one would ever wish to marry her, finds herself in a love so great that at times she cannot breathe. To marry someone like herself – someone she can go on a sexual journey of learning and exploration with, who also has no previous experience in such pleasures – contributes to her finding a degree of emotional and physical love that she has never before realised could exist. But that love will be tested by someone from her past with sinister intentions, jealous of the physical love she shares with her husband. Someone set on doing whatever he can do – whatever he must do – to have the woman he desires, no matter the cost.

$2.99 〉 $0.99 (Feb 11-12)


Reviewers say:

“Alessandra is also about the journey of a shy timid girl who grows into her new role of a strong loving wife and mother. Showing that it’s not what’s on the outside but the inside that matters, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the transformation of Alessandra throughout the story and her journey was a real highlight of this story.”

“This book hooked me in right away … The love story between Alessandra and Edward was touching. The fact that he wasn’t like most leading men in a story, made him even more real. The fact that she loved him in spite of it, made me fall in love with her … I highly recommend this book. It will take you on a journey that will be filled with so much fun.”

“What a delightful tale of love and family … this whole book felt like a calm Sunday drive … All-in-all, a thoroughly enjoying, leisurely read. I’d recommend it to any lover of historical romance”

Author: Ann M. Pratley

BookBloggingKiwiAnn M Pratley has a great passion for words and writing of all kinds. She particularly enjoys writing fiction, letting the characters evolve and become people who seem real. All characters that have been developed by Ann in the writing of her books, have come to feel like good friends, and people she would love to actually meet. Because of this, she really, really hates it when she has to kill one or two of them off.

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Nicole R. Locker is a resident of Lubbock, Texas. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and a love for pit bulls, Pilates, and romance novels. Nicole dreamed of becoming a writer since grade school after writing her first poem in 4th grade at the age of nine. A Social Worker since 2008, she has published life-coaching books on self-esteem and personal relationships, and has now added Fiction Romance to her repertoire.

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