Like Crazy (The Dell Sisters Trilogy Book 1)


We all have a list of celebrities we want to sleep with. We joke about it occasionally, because we know this chance encounter will never happen. But what if it did? What if the object of your every fantasy did want you? Would it be so easy to leave behind a life you’ve built with someone else?

Allison Dell has had everything in life handed to her on a silver platter. Her family is supportive and her high school sweetheart loves her like crazy. But when tragedy strikes her family, Allie’s whole life is put to the test.

After months of trying to just be okay, she plans a trip alone, to London, to escape her real life. It’s there that she must decide her own fate. Will her whirlwind romance survive? Or will her chance encounter become a reality.

$2.99 〉 FREE (Feb 11-12)


Author: Lynzie Allen

Lynzie AllenLynzie Allen is a California native, currently residing in Arizona with her husband and three children. She is passionate about writing, reading and photography…and long walks on the beach. Video games are something she can’t live without. Though her brother would call her a casual gamer, which is hurtful. She also has a soft spot for YA books and hopes to write a few in the future. Like Crazy was her first novel with From Ashes following right behind it.

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