First Impressions: A Novella

first-impressions-front-coverCollege romance isn’t that complicated. When you can read people like a book, what else is there to know? Marzia Benagli wasn’t impressed with Dylan, not that he was lacking attention from every other girl around. But what happens when you find out your first impressions were wrong?

Dylan may have been the object of any other college girl’s dreams, but Zia’s first impressions of him left her less than impressed. A chance meeting in a coffee shop off campus leads Zia to offer her psychology skills to help Dylan get out of his own way and meet girls with more to offer than just a pretty face. Seeing a different side of Dylan brings about a change of heart, but with their arrangement underway, it might be too little, too late.

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As I was standing there alone waiting, I suddenly felt a rush of electricity run down my spine, and I turned to see Dylan maybe ten feet away, walking over to me.

“Hey!  Great game tonight.  You were awesome,” I smiled as he approached.

“I thought that was you I saw in the stands.  I’m glad you enjoyed the game,” he said, looking down at his feet.  Was he being shy all of a sudden?  That was so unlike him.

“Yeah… I hope things aren’t weird between us.  I know I acted like a pretty big fool the last time we saw each other, and I wanted to say how sorry I was for that.”  Now I was the shy one looking at my feet.  I was probably blushing, as I could feel the blood rush to my face, but I hoped that the cold night air had already made my cheeks a little pink and maybe it would go unnoticed.

“I don’t know what got into me.  I can only blame the copious amounts of alcohol… and… well, the whole thing with Cason.  I guess you could say that shook me up a little bit,” I continued.

“No need to apologize, Zia.  I was just trying to look out for you…” he paused.  “Actually, speaking of that.  Zia, I saw the guy you were here with tonight.  I know it’s none of my business, but I know Becker, and he’s not…” he didn’t finish.

“Not what?” I prodded.

“I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to tell you how to live your life, or like I don’t want you to be happy with someone else, but…” he trailed off again.

“But what, Dylan?  Just say what you want to say,” I urged as I reached out and touched his arm at the crook of his elbow.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt.  Just be careful, okay?” he finally said.  Even now, his eyes sparkled in the dim lighting.  Would they always affect me like this?

Just then, Becker walked up behind me, and he and Dylan nodded at each other in true form of one alpha male to another.  Suddenly, it felt really awkward standing in the middle, and I wondered if I had made a mistake coming here with Becker.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I told Dylan, and then turned to look up at Becker as he grabbed me around the waist.  Yep, this was humiliating.

“Good game, man,” Becker said to Dylan as he pulled me in closer.  Suddenly, I felt like I was in the middle of a one-sided, territorial pissing contest.

“Thanks, man,” Dylan replied, then looked back to me.  “See you around, Zia.  Take care.”  Even now he looked sincere as he looked into my eyes.

There was no anger, just concern in his face, and… regret?  I was so confused.  This obviously had not gone the way I had planned by way of outcome.

Dylan turned and walked away, but before he could get too far, I told Becker to hold on a minute, that I had forgotten to tell Dylan something.  I jogged over in Dylan’s direction.

“Dylan, wait!”  I called out to him.

He stopped and turned to me, his eyes expectant, waiting to hear what I had to say.

“I owe you one more session, if you want.  I mean, I know that the last one kind of really got messed up and didn’t end up how it should have, obviously.  But I don’t like to start things without finishing them, so if you still want your last session, just let me know.”  I put it out there, and now would leave it up to him as to whether he’d take it or not.

Dylan nodded, and I could tell he was thinking about it.  “I’ll think about it and get back to you,” he finally said.



Author: Nicole R. Locker

Nicole R. LockerNicole R. Locker is a resident of Lubbock, Texas. She has a Master of Science in Psychology and a love for pit bulls, Pilates, and romance novels. Nicole dreamed of becoming a writer since grade school after writing her first poem in 4th grade at the age of nine. A Social Worker since 2008, she has published life-coaching books on self-esteem and personal relationships, and has now added Fiction Romance to her repertoire.

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